Is there a quality difference between meat from castrated and non-castrated male pigs?

The opinions on meat quality of boars and meat from castrated pigs differ. Research shows that these differences occur in the meat-fat ratio. It may be less advantageous for boars and even for gilts. Study results also show that the harder the fat is, the better the quality of meat. Fatter pigs have harder fat. Boars are a little less fat, but the overall effect of boars on the hardness of the fat is very low. Finally, research shows that there can be a great variation between one farm and another due to overall farm management. The differences in hardness of the fat are tiny compared to the overall variation between farms.
A good diet at the end of the rearing period affects the quality of fat and hence the quality of the meat. 150 boars and gilts have been examined three times for the quality of color and juiciness (pH value and drip) of boar meat. The results were three times the same:
– There is no negative effect on the final pH measured in boars and gilts
– There is less drip loss (better juiciness) in boar meat.