1,500 signatures against German ban on castration

This writes the German website TopAgrar. From January 1, 2019 the German government wants to introduce a ban on castration. As there is no workable anesthetic for pigs in Germany, this means in practice that there will be a full ban on the castration of pigs.

The German pig farmers fear that the sales and acceptance of boar meat will be difficult. This triggered the pig farmers from the state of Baden-WA?rttemberg to start the petition. They want to achieve that, in addition to lifting the ban on castration, also an extension of the use of anesthetics and analgesics will be made possible.

The German website TopAgrar mentions that 905 people have signed the petition online and that 600 people have put their signature on paper. What the purpose of the petition is remains to be seen. The petition has already leaded to much debate which is a good result as such, according to the initiators of the petition.

Source: Pig Business (NL)