Accelerating decline in boar tainted carcasses at COOPERL

As of today all terminal boars by Nucléus – PIETRAIN and VIGOR – are INO certified. This means: without risk of odour transmission. The INO label is based on the prediction of androstenone levels using a blood test performed at 150 days of age on all candidates for reproduction. Only animals with a sufficiently low androstenone level are selected for breeding. Nucléus is a subsidiary of COOPERL. For several years, the rate of boar tainted carcasses in Cooperl slaughterhouses has been decreasing. From 2017 onwards, after the introduction of the first INO boars, this decrease accelerated, as shown in the graph. 

With the ending of castration and in response to the problem of odorous carcasses, Nucléus implemented the INO label for its Pietrains and VIGOR boars. Thus, since April 2016, INO-labelled boars have been present in the CIA Nucléus stock. Today, almost all of these boars are INO certified. For more information, visit the Nucléus website.