Modification payment Tönnies uncastrated fattening of pigs into effect

uncastrated fattening pigs

“From 1-1-2019 it is forbidden in Germany to castrate piglets without pain control. Based on controversial discussion about the right way to do so, there is much uncertainty in the sector and modes for action are not yet available. However, a large scale switch to boars is hampered by limited market acceptance. Because of strong uncertainty on the perspectives of alternatives, Tönnies does face a significant increase in registrations from pig farmers who want to shift to rearing boars. This will apply by 1-1-2019. Tönnies agreed to accept the offered boars.

Moreover, from 17-09-2018 Tönnies will pay for uncastrated fattening pigs on the basis of a modified pricing system. Within the new pricing system, the weight range of boars is limited. This also reduces the risk of boar smell. However, the price matrix is still designed to be competitive. This pricing system gives Tönnies the opportunity to have no quantitative limit for delivering boars”

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