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Boars information ready for use

Gé Backus From January 1, 2019 pigs in Germany may no longer be castrated without anesthesia. This is enshrined in German law. Major retailers such as Rewe, Edeka west, Aldi …

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Beliefs or evidence?

Gé Backus Talking about farming and marketing entire male pigs often ends up in talking about the risk of boar taint. Piglet castration is a clear illustration how much time …

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Waited too long

Gé Backus On 25 June 2013, 200 Germans and 1 Dutchman met in the Jerusalemkirche in Berlin to discuss the theme of ‘Verzicht auf betubungslose Ferkelkastration’ (stopping the unanaesthetised castration …

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Stronger together

Annechien ten Have Even if you look at something from various perspectives and have different points of departure when cooperating, you are still stronger together. This was one of the …

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Coming, staying and disappearing

Carola van der Peet – Schwering Castrating pigs is a subject that regularly reared its head in discussions concerning and within pig farming in recent decades. Over the 28 years …

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Myths about boar taint

Gé Backus In the 1980s, the American Slovic conducted groundbreaking research into what people consider dangerous. One of the surprising results was that people are less afraid of skateboarding than …

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Non-castration picking up steam

Annechien ten Have-Mellema I recently visited Bretagne at the invitation of Cooperl. I related our experiences with boar raising at their annual meetings for their pig farming members. I was …

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Pigs don’t live on an island

Annechien ten Have-Mellema I wrote my first blog post (for a Dutch trade newsletter) on ending the castration of pigs in Week 50 of 2006. I gave my opinion on …

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