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New detection method

To meet consumer demands for high quality pork it is necessary to sort out pig carcasses containing a high concentration of the two compounds that are the cause of boar …

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Promising new boar taint detection method

A new boar taint detection method, developed by the Danish Research Meat Institute DTI, detects boar taint in a quantitative and objective way. It determines skatole and androstenone levels, and …

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New detection method for boar taint

At the ICoMST 2017 conference in Cork Ireland Claus Borggaard and his colleagues from the Danish Meat Research Institute presented the At-line rapid instrumental method for measuring the boar taint …

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Workshop on boar taint detection

January 31, 2017 On 15 March 2017 a workshop takes place on boar taint detection in Göttingen (Germany) . The workshop ‘Train the trainer’ is organized by Isi GmbH. The …

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Sensory quality of boar taint: an interesting thesis

M.Sc.Agr. Johanna Trautman of the Department of Animal Sciences at the Georg-August-Univestity of Goettingen (DE) published an interesting thesis on Boar taint. The thesis contains a.o. the following interesting information. …

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Campig Boar taint research in Russia and China

Recent results are known from Campig boar taint research among 120 Russian and 120 Chinese female consumers. The study focused on the sensitivity to androstenone and skatole in the study …

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The research program on ending castration of male pigs by Wageningen UR Life Sciences is accepted

The paper presenting the results of the program was aimed at evaluating 1) sensory evaluation of meat from entire mail pigs 2) preventive measures to reduce boar taint prevalence 3) …

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