Brocéliande organic pig breeders no longer castrate pigs

French producers

Most of the organic pig breeders at Brocéliande, part of the large French pork cooperative Cooperl, have chosen to no longer castrate their pigs. The combination of organic pig farming without castration is unique in France and elsewhere. Click here to read more about the commitment of a part of Brocéliande breeders to a qualitative approach to breeding.

Brocéliande consists of 256 breeders in the western part of France. They are committed to a qualitative approach to breeding. They focus on respect for animal welfare, protection of the environment and the fight against antibiotic resistance. A decent salary for the breeders and the employees of the cooperative is also a focus point. 

No castration, no antibiotics

They call their pigs ‘Bien Élevées’ or ‘well-raised’ because they come from quality chains. Some of Brocéliande’s cooperative breeders are now engaged in breeding without antibiotics, while others are engaged in breeding without antibiotics or pesticides, or in organic breeding. Some of Brocéliandes organic breeders have chosen to no longer castrate their pigs, which is a first in France. “This is a way for them to respect the animals’ physical integrity, it helps to reduce stress and the natural resistance against diseases”, according to a spokesperson.

The organic part of Brocéliande consists of 24 farmers committed to good food for consumers and to a sustainable farming method for the planet, for animals and for people. Their pigs are raised according to French organic specifications and their farms are monitored and evaluated according to 130 animal welfare requirements.

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