Exit from unstunned piglet castration

All parties involved in the process were able to convince themselves at the event: there is room for maneuver for pig farmers, meat-processing companies and food retailers. It is clear that the exit will not be possible without changes at all stages. However, the whole supply chain has to join forces to find a coordinated way out of the unstunned piglet castration within the remaining 30 months.

Dr. Maria Flachsbarth: “The exit from the stunned piglet castration has been decided and has been legally established by the amendment of the Animal Protection Act of 2013. From January 2019 the castration of piglets is permitted only under anesthesia “We are no longer going to discuss the issue of whether the exit from the stunned piglet castratiion will come at an end. The goal of the event is to exchange ideas how we can proceed to be able to close and complete the process.”

Federal Minister Christian Schmidt added: “There are alternatives to unstunned castration, for example vaccination, boar mast and castration under anesthesia.” Many farmers have already dealt intensively with the alternatives and their pro’s and con’s in practice. ” The final exit must be completed by 1 January 2019. The BMEL will continue to support the farmers in this process and to support the challenges.

*BMEL: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture