Is the market ready?

Is the market ready

At the IPEMA conference Gé Backus presented the current situation regarding market acceptance of meat from non-castrated animals. As entire male pigs are leaner and tend to have less back fat and a less desirable fatty acid composition, realizing market acceptance depends not only on boar taint, but also on backfat thickness and fat quality of the entire male pig carcass.

The presentation concluded that only supply chain wide solutions will really help to create market acceptance. Pork supply chains are better and better equipped to become successful. The majority of the market is ready for pork supply chains that apply adequate boar taint detection and that supply products that meet the specifications for backfat thickness and fat quality of the entire male pig meat. However, there are still some loose ends. The potential of available knowledge is not fully utilized, and the role of feeding as a direction for a solution is not clear enough.

Click here to view a pdf of the presentation, or watch the full IPEMA webinar here.

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Picture: RitaE