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Technological breakthrough in ending castration

Recombinetics/Acceligen and Hendrix Genetics have announced that they successfully used a genome editing method for pigs that remain in a pre-pubertal state, thus eliminating the need for surgical castration. The …

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Dissertation on marketing meat from boars

In Germany Diana Engesser conducted an excellent bibliographic work on practical solutions to use entire male meat and boar tainted meat in particular. A summary of her thesis work in …

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CASTRUM study on alternative methods of anesthesia and analgesia for the castration of pigs

February 6, 2017 Against the background of the European declaration to voluntarily stopping castration by January 1, 2018, DG Santé of the European Commission has commissioned a study to examine …

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Quality of boars, barrows and gilts

December 2, 2016 Preventive measures like feeding, breeding and housing are effective in reducing boar taint Fleischwirtschaft Inernational 6/2016 By Gé Backus, project coordinator for the Wageningen UR research on …

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Swiss evaluate three alternatives to castration

November 25, 2016 The Swiss FSVO (Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office) investigated amongst members of the EuroFAWC (European Forum for Animal Welfare) the state of affairs concerning the castration …

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Test für Eberfleisch entwickelt

Wissenschaftler der Universität Göttingen haben sich in Zusammenarbeit mit der Universität Bonn mit der Frage beschäftigt, wie sich das Risiko von Geruchsabweichungen bei Fleisch von unkastrierten Schweinen reduzieren und so …

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Sensory quality of boar taint: an interesting thesis

M.Sc.Agr. Johanna Trautman of the Department of Animal Sciences at the Georg-August-Univestity of Goettingen (DE) published an interesting thesis on Boar taint. The thesis contains a.o. the following interesting information. …

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Alternativen zur betäubungslosen Ferkelkastration

QS-REPORT Fleisch und Fleischwaren 02/2016 Entscheidungshilfen für die Wirtschaft Ab dem 1. Januar 2019 wird es in Deutschland verboten sein, männliche Ferkel betubungslos zu kastrieren. So schreibt es das Tierschutzgesetz …

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