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Overview of feed ingredients reducing boar taint

The IPEMA Work group on Nutrition has published a list of feed interventions with boar taint reducing capacity. Many research projects have been carried out to evaluate how boar taint …

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New research on best practices at different levels of the supply chain

The Animal Health and Welfare unit, from the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety, published a report on entire male pig best practices. The study considers practices used in production …

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Feed reduces boar taint

Connecting Agri & Food has supported the development of a new type of feed that helps to reduce boar taint. Vitelia Voeders has developed the feed, in collaboration with VOF …

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Quality of boars, barrows and gilts

December 2, 2016 Preventive measures like feeding, breeding and housing are effective in reducing boar taint Fleischwirtschaft Inernational 6/2016 By Gé Backus, project coordinator for the Wageningen UR research on …

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Study: How to lower occurrence of boar taint

Researchers from the Netherlands are about to publish an extensive research towards the reduction of boar taint when raising en using entire males in the food chain. The paper, to …

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