Pig production and pork consumption questionnaire


In order to collect insights in consumer attitudes towards different ways of pig production, an online survey is created at ILVO (Belgium) in collaboration with the COST IPEMA network, involving several other European institutions. The questionnaire is now open for collection, and available in 19 different languages. It takes only 10 minutes to fill out the questionnaire.  

By filling out the questionnaire you will help in collecting insights to improve pig farming. The questions range from statements on meat consumption towards your opinion on farming practices. You can select your language on the first page of the survey. Survey responses will be kept confidential. The information provided will always be presented so that identity can never be connected with specific published data. 

You are welcome to spread this questionnaire within your network by sharing the questionnaire link: https://survey.ilvo.be/index.php/663891?lang=en

To read more about consumer attitudes towards boar meat and pig production, visit our topic page ‘consumer & market’.