Sensory Quality Control of Boar Taint

uncastrated fattening pigs

The concerns about pig castration have led to changes in European law and will most certainly have lasting effects on the production chain. As a result, such invasive procedures have come under increased scrutiny. Animal welfare considerations aside, scientifically there is no doubt about pain during castration without anesthesia. Moreover, from an economic and food supply perspective, castrated pigs are actually less productive than boars and produce a lower percentage of lean meat. These facts shed light on why there is a growing interest in the fattening of entire males. Click here to read more

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August 2016: Sensory Quality Control of Boar Taint (Cuvillier Verlag)

Two Awards for Young Goettingen Researcher
Dr. Johanna Trautmann from the University of Goettingen receives the DLG Sensory Award 2016 and the agricultural research prize

Forderpreis der Agrarwirtschaft 2016
November 2016:

DLG Sensorik Award 2016
September 2016: